Chess Club Brda was founded in November 2006. It was set up by a group of chess dissatisfied with the current situation in Split chess, headed by the first president of the Tihomir Bužančić club.
Their first appearance was in 2007. In the then southern group of 4th league they won the first place and entered the higher ranking. In 2008, Brđani also won in 3rd Ligue and entered the southern group of the 2nd League.
In 2009, the Brđani also won in the 2nd League South and entered the qualifiers. There, in the competition, four teams were also the first to win the placement in the 1B league.
In 2010, the Brđani’s 1B World Cup final ended in fourth place despite the fact that they were struggling to reach the highest rank in the last round.
A year later, in 2011, Split chess players were the second in the 1B league and were placed in the 1A league.
The first appearance at the highest level was unsuccessful and the Brđans returned to the 1B league.
In 2013, the Bridges were in the 1B league again with the fourth, although in the last round of placement the highest ranking was the tie.
In 2014, again great success, 2nd place on 1B league and return to elite.
In 2015, the biggest success in the history of the club, 6th place in the 1A league, with the victory over the current champion ŠK Zagreb.
Next year, 2016. The Bridges ended the last in the 1A league and returned to the 1B league.
With the appearances on the leagues, club members, in 11 years of existence had even made 10 appearances in the Cup Final of the Republic of Croatia. The biggest success was in 2014 by winning fifth place.